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Dark Star

I went to see the Dark Star Orchestra not long ago,  For those of you unfamiliar with DSO, they deliver what can best be described as the Grateful Dead experience, often better than The Dead themselves did.

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They play Dead shows – we saw one from May, 1972 – as the band did.  They look like them, they sound like them (and in fact are way more consistently good on a night after night basis) and if you shut your eyes, you can be at a Dead show from whatever decade they’ve chosen to present.

“Interesting,” you say, “but what’s the business point?  Good question. Continue reading


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Dark Star

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I wrote a piece here in August about how hard it is for the home cook to duplicate the quality of the food in restaurants. At the time I ascribed that to the quality of the ingredients available to professionals vs. to what most of us have access. Last night I had another thought on the matter and of course it was while I was attending a show by the Dark Star Orchestra. Makes total sense, right? Continue reading

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