Better, Not Busier

The NYC Marathon is this weekend.  I used to be a runner until my knees gave out although the longest race I ever ran was a half-marathon.  One thing I learned while running in that and other races was the importance of pacing yourself.  We all have a limited amount of energy and it was almost possible to go faster by slowing down as the energy banks were always there when I needed them.alarm-304042_640

Business is a marathon yet sometimes we get focused on the “busy” part that we forget the “better” part.  One client’s office has little signs posted with a red circle over a fire alarm.  In other words, no fire drills.  I like that.  The point is to maintain focus on the long-term business goals of the organization (the marathon) and not lighting fires by chasing short-term distractions.  It means a focus on process and planning which permits better execution.  When someone pulls a figurative fire alarm what inevitably happens is that those processes break down, the work is less than optimal, and often everyone walks away angry.  We were busy but we weren’t better.

More isn’t always better.  I don’t know about you but I’ve cut way back on many of the social media channels I use.  I’ve begun cutting back the number of newsletters I see – many of them were just regurgitating the same news anyway.  I want to finish the marathon hand in hand with my clients and not have either of us hit the wall many miles from the finish. I want to be better, and while it’s dangerous for a consultant to say they want to be less busy, I want to be less busy with “stuff” and more busy with substance.

How about you?

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  1. Keeping Up With Klinds

    I am a very active college student, working a part time job, serving as an executive member of my sorority, among many other things (I won’t bore you with the list). However, becoming so deeply involved in so many different things is often a dangerous thing to do, as I’m sure many others have learned the hard way. I am very good at spreading myself thin and accepting responsibility after responsibility which has proven to be extremely difficult. If there’s anything I’ve learned just in my first couple years as an undergraduate, it is to learn to say “no.” I have got to learn to say “no” and accept the fact that it is okay to say it. I am not a super hero, I am human, and I simply cannot do everything. I would rather devote more time to a few things that I am extremely passionate about than give little time to countless organizations. Charmin Ultra you are so right, “less is more.”

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