Get Ready To Get Out

A pause from the business of business today.  The folks who host the screed – WordPress – are asking bloggers to participate in a campaign to get folks ready to vote.  As they put it : has teamed up with the The Pew Charitable Trusts, who, along with Google, and election officials nationwide, have developed the The Voting Information Project (VIP). Together, we’re offering cutting-edge tools that give you access to the customized information you need to cast a ballot on or before Election Day

Since WordPress hosts me for free, a little giving back is always a good thing. I’m a believer in participating in the process if you’re going to complain about it or keeping your mouth shut if not.  As you might have noticed I have a fairly big set of opinions although the political ones don’t show up here.

In any event, Election Day is a week off and every one of us should know the basics of where and when we can vote.  Given the change (no comment) in voter ID laws in some places, you need to know that as well to be sure your vote gets cast.

We’ll be back to the usual ranting tomorrow.


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