Today’s Intelligence Test

I was watching CNN this morning and on came a local cable break. It’s generally easy to tell which are the local breaks, either because the sponsors are clearly in-market or because the volume cranks itself up about 3x.
In any event, this was an ad for a seminar by the crooks fine folks that bring you the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. As I understand it, this brief seminar is basically a sales pitch to get you sign up for their 3-day seminar for several hundred dollars which is, in turn, a sales pitch for their 3 week training for several thousands of dollars. And yet, this isn’t the intelligence test.
What really amused me was the notice that ran both in the audio and video before the spot ran explaining that most people don’t achieve any significant results and that going to the seminar isn’t really going to help you (I’m paraphrasing).  It’s sort of the equivalent of asking someone on a long line why they’re standing there, getting told it’s to get robbed, and joining the line anyway.  It goes on to talk about the founder of this, Robert T. Kiyosaki, and how he’s found the secrets to wealth generation.  Of course, as it’s telling you all this, there’s some fine print on the screen that tells you that Mr. Kiyosaki won’t actually be attending the seminar.  I guess he will, however, be happy to cash your check.

So let’s review.  You see an announcement for a seminar based on the learnings of an individual.  The seminar promises you no results and the star individual won’t be there.  There is a free gift of a USB thumb drive that’s supposed to be loaded with tips.  One wonders what else might be on there.  Key-loggers?  Other spy-ware?  Of course, I suppose that failing the intelligence test and going to the seminar might actually be a win IF the guy’s system actually worked.  But no, not according to folks who’ve done research into his methods (and him).

Times are hard and some folks are desperate.  Sad that others see them as suckers waiting to be queued up and robbed.  Have you seen this spot?  Have any thoughts?

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One response to “Today’s Intelligence Test

  1. Russ

    Reminds me of a story a friend once told me years ago. He answered one of those “send in $5 and learn the secrets of getting rich quick” classifieds in the back of Rolling Stone on a lark. He actually heard back. The secret? Put a classified ad in Rolling Stone asking people to send you $5.

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