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Worst Foot Forward

If I was going to ask you to spend a good deal of money with me, I’d be smart to make sure you felt I was trustworthy and reasonably intelligent. Let’s say I’m trying to sell you a car, which is a pretty big expenditure. Would you buy a car from this man?If I was to reach out to you, I might do what I could to give off an image of reliability and stability – two things I’d like in a car as well as in the salesperson selling the vehicle. Which is why something I received in the mail yesterday is so baffling and yet so instructive and so I’m sharing it today. Continue reading

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Weakened Warrior

Most of what shows up in our snail mail box is junk, bills, or magazines. However, once in a while something shows up which just compels me to share it. That happened the other day with the arrival of a “Rush Priority Express Letter.” It had to be important since it commanded the USPS to “Rush To Addressee” because it’s “Extremely Important.” Of course the colors of this missive are red, white and blue and there’s a picture of what appears to be an eagle (ornithology not a specialty here). OMG! OMG! And a business lesson too! Continue reading

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