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Experienced Thinking

I was driving home the other day and passed a local pub.

aldous huxley

This place often puts a quote on a blackboard outside and when you get stopped at the traffic light you have a chance to read it.  The quote the other day was from Aldous Huxley and read as follows:

“Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

Think about that not just in terms of your own personal experience but that of your business as well.  Many businesses have had the misfortune to figure out their business model is wrong or that they misjudged cash flow.  Some go under; some rethink how they’re doing what they’re doing or even if what they’re doing is right.  They’re the ones that dealt with what happened and gained experience.

This morning the news is filled with Facebook‘s purchase of What’sApp for $19 Billion.  There are also copies of the founder’s tweets that he sent when he didn’t get hired at Twitter or at Facebook.  Many people have had that happen.  He took those rejections and did something with them.  That experience made him a very wealthy man.

You can get knocked down and lie there or you can get up and fight again.  Your call.

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