Sick Days

I feel like crap. I’m told that I sound that way too. Congestion in my chest has migrated up into my head and the pressure in my sinuses is killing me. It’s actually hard to keep my eyes focused as I’m trying to get this written.

I know you’ve been here too. Unless you live in a sterile environment like Howard Hughes, we all get a bit under the weather from time to time, especially when the seasons change. I’m going to keep this brief today.

While once in a while you and I can have a sick day, we can’t ever allow our businesses to do so. Sure, the people who are the faces of our enterprises get sick or fight with their significant other or have other problems. That’s when we encourage them to stay home, or at least take them away from dealing with customers until their physical or mental health returns.

Our customers and partners want to be able to count on us.  While they may be sympathetic to our personnel issues or to other things that can make a business “sick”, they aren’t going to be working with us for long if there is a chance that our illness will spread to them.  Obviously I’m not being literal.  But our problems can’t become their problems.


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