Say Yes!

As we start the week, how about we all try something? This week, let’s all agree to say “yes!” as often as we can. Sounds simple, right? Hopefully so. I’m willing to wager that you’ll be surprised at how often your instinct is to say something else, however.yes-238373_640

    • When someone walks into your office with a new product idea that might mean a lot of extra time and effort but could pay off nicely if it works, what’s your instinct?
    • When you are sent an article from a writer that has a different view of politics from you, what’s your instinct with respect to investing the time to hear the writer out?
    • When your significant other suggests making it a meatless Monday, what’s your instinct?
    • When someone says they need an answer RIGHT NOW, what’s your instinct?

The above and dozens of other questions are all about a couple of things.  First, it’s about escaping your comfort zone and pushing yourself to explore new things. It’s about learning and expanding your knowledge base even if it never changes your opinion.  It’s about, in the words of the famous Alka Seltzer spot, listening when someone says “try it you’ll like it” and having an open mind. Sure, there will be the occasional bout of heartburn but there may also be some phenomenal discoveries.

Finally, it’s about all of us (me included and maybe in particular!) bringing a lot more positive energy to a world where things often seem kind of negative.  Happiness and a positive attitude can be catching, just like a sneeze or hiccups.  Let’s try spreading them around.


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