Oxymoronic Cocktails

"Flaming" cocktails contain a small ...

Let’s end the week with some drinks.  It’s Friday and that’s sort of food-related, right?  I’ve written before about the “Eat This Not That” series which took a foray into the world of cocktails the other day.  Turns out there was a business point to be made along with all the health talk.  The newsletter featured four of the world’s healthiest cocktails since, as they put it, if you’re going for the buzz, you might as well get some benefits right?  Not so much.

The first drink – The Rabbit Hole – features fresh carrot juice, fresh cucumber juice, Cynar, an Italian herbal liqueur featuring artichokes, organic vodka, and a sprig of sage.  I gather the big benefit is Lutein which is found in carrots.  Then again, it’s also found in animal fat so maybe a bacon martini instead of this concoction of salad and vodka?  Yech.

Second drink – Pepper Delicious.  The Benefit: A diet high in vitamin C, carotenoids, and lycopene (all of which are amply supplied in red peppers).  But this concoction is sort of a sweet gin daiquiri/margarita with peppers stuck in it.  How about a Hell’s Mary – basically a spicy Bloody made with pepper vodka?  Far fewer exasperated looks from the bartenders!

I won’t ruin your weekend with my personal favorite – the Avocado Daiquiri.  It’s way too gross to contemplate.  The business point here is that there are many ways to get to where you want to go and sometimes we get so caught up in our own myopia (healthy cocktails are sort of an oxymoron anyway) that we lose sight of some pretty important details (these are totally unappealing!) that might ultimately stop us from achieving our goals (get people to take in a few beneficial things along with all that alcohol).

If the above sounds as if I’ve been taste-testing these, I apologize.  All this science makes my head hurt.  If you click through to the article, the recipes are there  but I don’t think I’m man enough – or thirsty enough – to try them.  I’ll just stick to eating the celery stick that comes in the Bloody and maintaining my perspective.  You?

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