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This will be a brief post because I’m going to let the subject speak for itself. I write a lot about the changing nature of marketing, how smart marketers have realized a few important things have changed, and are acting accordingly. This is a great example of what I mean.
The interview is with the promotion manager from Scion, a small part of a very big company, Toyota. Their marketing revolves around conversations with their core audience, mostly through music events. Small things that feel intimate. They’re targeting young adults, the sort of folks you’d think would reject branding and yet
the 18 to-24-year-olds are so much more sophisticated in marketing and are so much savvier about media.

They understand, for example, that the reason Prince was on the Super Bowl half-time show was because of TV sponsorships. The tickets didn’t pay for it. They are savvy that nothing’s for free — that someone’s paying.

And while this might be a “duh” moment, you’d be surprised how many companies miss it:

We aren’t buying media for massive properties and getting huge impressions, and going after lots of people at the same time. We are more niche product, so we have to say we need to be in front of people more effectively.

I think that’s well said and well-played. What do you think?

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