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There is a study out which tries to answer the questions about the value of social media for marketers.  Honestly, I’m surprised that the conversation for marketers is “should we” rather than “how can we”.  How can engaging with your customers be bad?I guess the real question is about quantifying the results:

The new research from social media platform Wetpaint and digital consulting firm Altimeter Group found that companies with the highest levels of social media activity on average increased revenues by 18% in the last 12 months, while the least active saw sales drop 6% over that period.

Among the top 100 brands reviewed, Starbucks came out on top with a score of 127, followed by Dell (123), eBay (115), Google (105), and Microsoft (103). Companies were scored based on the level of interaction across 10 social media channels including blogs, Facebook, Twitter and wikis.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have numbers to back up what you intuitively know is right. After all, how many marketers publish customer service numbers or email addresses in the hopes that customers, both happy and not so happy will contact them? By the way, what happens from there is a great topic for about 50 posts – the short answer is that it’s a mess!

What I think is interesting in the report is the segmentation of the various channels and product types but the main thing is the conclusion:  Financial performance
correlates with engagement.  That’s always been true although engagement is so much easier now.  Holler if you need help in doing so!

What brands are you engaged with? Have you increased your use of them as a result? If you’re a marketer, how are you engaging your customers, both current and future?

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