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I’m wondering if any of you have had the opportunity to play the new XBox game built on business? “Management World” didn’t seem as if it would be that interesting but after having played it for several hours, I think it might be my game of the year right behind “Tiger Woods Golf”.
You begin the game as a junior executive. You can choose an area of expertise – I chose digital (not surprising) – but marketing, finance, sales, and other options are available.  The object of the game is to complete a number of challenges which range from finding your boss drunk 10 minutes before a presentation you’re making together to completing projects on budget and on time.  You earn career points, promotions and raises.  Eventually you become the person in charge and that’s when the fun really begins.
My favorite exercise was the one in which you executed the first few pieces of work exactly as requested and were told they were totally wrong.  You also found out that your client wouldn’t be paying you for your incompetence.  As the exercise progressed, you learned to listen to the client’s needs, not their words per se, and they became more accepting of your work.  Unfortunately, the correct outcome after yet another client blowup was to punch the client in the mouth and walk out. I’m not sure that’s the best business lesson although it did feel pretty good.
You learn things like spending the money you need to pay your people on a lavish dinner to impress a prospect is smart for everyone. You realize that $1,000 for a desk chair is SO worth it.  You earn a big bonus by sleeping with the repulsive person in travel so they’ll automatically upgrade all your travel to first class although they later lose their job – hey – their choice, right?  You also come to realize that the folks who work for you are totally replaceable parts; that communicating with them is useless since they don’t listen anyway; that if they can’t figure things out for themselves they shouldn’t be taught – they should be gone; and that no one ever really wants clear directions since clarity eliminates their reasons for doing things wrong.

I really enjoyed this game although I had to stop playing.  I’m now trying out something called “Media Executive” – it’s from the same publisher.  I haven’t played it much yet but it seems as if the game wants you to try and make lots of money using an old set of rules.

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