What have you done for YOU today?  If you’re like almost everyone I know, it’s probably not much.  You might have taken care of the cats by spending 3 minutes feeding them and another 3 petting them.  Did you spend 6 minutes on you?  If you think you look like this fat tub of you know what, did you spend 10 minutes umm…you know..lightening the load?

I used to get up every morning at 5:45, shave, shower, and go to the train.  An hour later, I was in NYC – a VERY low stress place.  I’d get to my workplace – generally also a place of no stress – and work until 6 or 6:30 when it was time to get home.  Hopefully by 8.  Once I spent a lot more time doing digital, home didn’t mean a break until the next day – it just meant a change of venue.  Not much time for me, so aside from the loss of hair (I’m blaming my genes – sorry Mom and Dad) I gained a bunch of weight and didn’t look particularly well.

I’m not quite G. Clooney now, but at least I’m double digits lighter and look better.  Enough so that someone (who knows who she is) that knows me well asked if I’d had cosmetic work done.  Nope – just a little time for me each day where I can exercise or cook something healthy and eat it.  It’s amazing how many people devote their lives to other people and/or their job and wind up dead way too early.

So quit reading (just for today, please).  Go do something for you.  I’ll wait right here.

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