Dogs Aloft

English Bulldog with characteristic underbite

Let’s end the week on a lighter note, shall we?  One of the great things about this great interconnected digital world  of ours is that occasionally, out of the mix of recycled jokes and end of the world rumors that are easily dispelled with a quick search comes something funny.  In this case, funny and enlightening.

My friend Darlene (check the comments of yesterday’s post) sent me a link to the site Upside Down Dogs.  My first thought when I got the link was that she somehow had photos of your author taken after he fell off a bar stool slipped in the lobby of a building someplace but it really IS photos of dogs taken as they’re lying on their backs.  The interesting thing is what happens when the photos are turned upside down and the dogs, then, are right side up.  The bulldog photos are especially good since they have great jowls that add to the experience (disclaimer – having owned two bulldogs, I’m highly prejudiced).  They almost seem to be flying – dogs aloft – not flying with dogs, but flying dogs!

Naturally, one of my first thoughts was about how just a change (OK, 180 degrees in this case) in perspective is transformational.  The dogs look completely different – the breeds that are cute little rats on a rope become fierce and the scary old bulldogs become Grandpa Simpson.   Isn’t this something we should be doing to the business issues that confront us?  Maybe turning the situation upside down makes the problem much easier to solve?

I’m going to try to take a mental photograph of the next problem I face, turn it upside down, and see if the solution doesn’t become more apparent in the changed perspective.  If not, based on what I’ve seen at this site, at least I”ll probably get a good laugh out of it!

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