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Welding On The Dealer Plate

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I’m sure you’ve bought a car at some point or known someone who has (that ought to cover all the bases!). The last time I did so, I had a discussion with the salesperson about what value was assigned to the advertising for the dealership they were asking me to do. She was kind of taken aback and didn’t quite know what I was getting at. I asked her if the dealership routinely placed license plate frames with the dealer name and other information on every new car. She said “of course – it’s standard practice”. I told her my standard practice is to remove them in the parking lot before I drive off with the car unless I’m being paid to serve as media for her business. I know – selling me a car might not be worth it!
I raise the point because you might be thinking – oh, it’s just car dealers and no one likes them anyway. But it’s not. Continue reading

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Take the Money

George Washington

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I had something unusual happen to me the other day.  I wanted to spend a few hundred dollars with a wireless company and they wouldn’t take my money.  This was not some kind of weird currency I minted myself either – just hard-earned, good old American greenbacks.  So while I kind-sorta get what they’re thinking, I really don’t understand the logic. Continue reading


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