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For The Love of Ivi

I know – what is he doing writing about some old movie.  Well, first of all, the name was For Love of Ivy and my title is different.  Second of all, I can hear those of you under 40 asking what the hell I’m talking about.

Let’s start over.  I’m not writing about an old movie but about a piece of new technology.  OK, the technology itself isn’t that new but the business model may be and if this all pans out, another big change just happened.  Did you hear it? Continue reading

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Doom and Gloom

A slide rule.  This is an example of a mathema...

You can sort-of fake remember the headline – “Sales of Slide Rules Forecast to Drop Dramatically.” (I think I just made up that “fake remember” notion, by the way).  A gloomy forecast that hides good news – “Sales of Calculators Skyrocket” because they’re a better solution (and I’m old enough to have used a slide rule in school – not fun). I bring this up because there’s another instance of this today. Continue reading

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The Nielsen Company

The latest Nielsen Three Screen Report is out this morning. In a nutshell:

During 2nd Quarter 2009, the number of people watching mobile video increased 70% from last year and people who watch video on line increased their viewing by 46% compared to a year ago. In addition, the average American TV consumption remains at an all-time high (141 hours per month) compared to the same time frame last year.

Great, except they’ve got it backwards. Continue reading

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