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Happy Boxing Day!

In many countries around the world, Boxing Day is celebrated today. I’m not quite sure, given our primarily British roots, why we don’t celebrate it here is the USA although we do partake in one of its big customs, shopping. The day is often called St. Stephen’s Day (while this has nothing to do with anything, that’s also one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs), and it is based on the tradition of giving gifts to the less fortunate members of society.

I love the notion but why only one day? Maybe all of the changes coming to this country and the world will get us back to the notion of “we” over “me”. Sounds so 60’s retro, I know, but I’m finding it interesting how so much of what began in the 60’s and was written off (maybe killed off is a better term) is coming back. With our first president that was born in the 60’s (1961 – the year Kennedy was inaugurated – scary, isn’t it?) coming in to office, I think we’ll see even more of that happening.

Enjoy the day – hopefully the lines are long – the economy could use the boost!

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