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Keep Your Finger To Yourself

We have something from the trademark world this morning. There is a group within the US Patent Office called the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. They’re the folks who figure out if some piece of intellectual property – a name, a slogan, a design – is protectable by a trademark (I’ll pause here whilst all the lawyers out there rush to correct me).
Recently they refused to approve a bottle design on the basis that it was “scandalous,” which is pretty rare. I think they got it wrong and here’s why. Continue reading

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Wine Down

J. Henry Dunant III restaurant in The Netherlands

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Well, the power finally came back on late yesterday after five days in the dark.  It was an interesting departure from broadband internet access, cable TV, and hot water.  More on that next week.

For now, as promised yesterday, here is the second of our business tidbits the personal energy crisis caused me think of.  Since it involves a restaurant here in town, I thought it appropriate for our Foodie Friday Fun post. We were having to eat out since cooking on the stove (the gas still works) is hard in the dark and without a range hood the place is kind of smoky and smelly (in a good way, mind you!).  In the process, I learned a little something. Continue reading

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