You HAVE To Read It – It’s My Birthday – Again!

I realize that might be the most ridiculous post title ever but it happens to be true.  It’s also the post I wrote last year on this day.  I’m going to tweak it a bit to reflect that I’m a year older but in reading it again, I kind of liked it.

A picture of a birthday cake

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OK, not that this is a must-read, but it is, in fact, my birthday.  Maybe there’s an attention whore living deep inside me although I suppose any of us who dump our thinking on to the World Wide Web have some of that.  In any event, birthdays are one of those occasions that prompt introspection.  My favorite author, Mark Twain, said that when he was a younger man he could remember anything whether it happened or not.  Much of what you read here is exactly that – what I remember or have figured out along the way.

I turned 59 today.  I’m not much of a numerology guy, but since today is 8/5 I thought I’d look up what meaning is associated with my birth date.  Apparently 5 is associated with freedom. “5” people seek change and adventure.  What stood out to me was that 5’s are naturally curious and are  constantly trying to find the answers to life’s questions (maybe there IS a reason I’m writing!).   5’s are very persuasive and excel at motivating people which makes them ideal candidates to become salesmen.  Given the early part of my professional life, that fits.

8’s are born with natural leadership skills. We’re very ambitious and goal oriented, with strong organizational skills and broad vision.  I don’t know how they figure this stuff out but I like the thought.  It also applies to what I’ve been doing for the last 5 years as a consultant.  Of course, one can add the 5 and 8 together and get 13, a lucky number in numerology.  For me, that applies as well: I’m fortunate to have my health, a great family, many friends and more close friends than to what one ought to be entitled in one lifetime.

Then there is my full birthdate number, including the year.  I’m a “33,” a “master number”, which is a big deal to numerology people:

Qualities: responsibility, consciousness, mysticism, compassion, indulgence. It provides: ability to worry about other people, resolution of conflicts. Goals: to bring a transformation to society.

I don’t have any big business thoughts today – I’m giving those a rest so I can enjoy the important stuff.  Yes, I’m working but I’m doing so with a smile on my face as I get Happy Birthday calls.  The hard part is holding this feeling for the other 364 days and the realities of business show themselves.  Hey – maybe there IS a business point today.  Thanks for reading – that’s a gift any day.


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