Confiting Your Business

Foodie Friday and I have duck confit on the brain.

Duck confit with salad

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s one of my favorite foods and as I’m writing this I’m in the process of making a batch after one of my friends gave me a tub of duck fat. Stop making freaked out noises. You’ve probably had lots of stuff fried in duck fat without knowing it. It’s one of the professional kitchen’s secret weapons.

Duck confit is duck legs that are cured, usually in salt and spices, for a day and then the cure is removed and the legs are roasted at a low temperature covered in their own fat.  The resulting product can be kept for months.  You can confit anything but to me duck legs are the absolute pinnacle of the technique.  After all, fat is flavor and what could be more flavorful than food cooked in fat!

I think there is a lot to learn about business from confit.  After all, what is fat but stored energy?  They are also essential in preventing disease.  So much for all you sickly, skinny folks!  Every business person can benefit from the confit treatment when it comes to their business.

Think about it.  Immersing one’s self in the stored energy of the work. Recognizing that this immersion will focus you, letting you pay attention to the important stuff and  that the needs and priorities will change day by day.  Too many of us try to stay aloof in order to see the big picture.  Not a bad idea but getting immersed – letting the stored energy of the business cover you – can be a perspective change too, one that can prove beneficial.  As mentioned above, fat is flavor, and that immersion in the essence of the business can’t help but add to your understanding.

The magic of confit is that is intensifies the flavors, brings out the essences,  and holds them for a long time.  Doesn’t that sound like something from which a business can benefit too?

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