You Don’t Have To Cry

Today is TunesDay and so it’s into the world of music for a little business insight. I was driving the other day and one of “those” songs came on. You know them – tunes you adore and can’t get out of your head but you never hear much any more. It was Crosby, Stills, & Nash‘s “You Don’t Have To Cry,” which they will tell you is the first song they ever sang together. Its harmonies are the personification of ethereal and it’s a lesson in blending individuals into a unit. But that’s not our topic today!

First, have a listen:

Here are the words that spoke to me:

Are you thinkin’ of telephones
And managers and where you got to be at noon?

You are living a reality
I left years ago, it quite nearly killed me
In the long run it will make you cry
Make you crazy and old before your time
And the difference between me and you
I won’t argue right or wrong but I have time to cry my baby

Having lived the life of telephones and noon meetings, I can tell you that it is a reality that can kill you.  The business point today is that we all need to find that “time to cry” or laugh or sing or do whatever returns our breathing to normal and our frenetic brains to a state of calm.  It’s harder now.  Mobile devices are always at our sides (or on our heads and wrists!) and the pressure to participate in the social stream that engulfs your friends and family is big.   Something is “always on” and pleading for our attention.

It’s not easy to disconnect – maybe impossible other than in limited doses.  But unless “crazy and old” is your objective, you need to find that figurative time to cry, even in brief segments.  That’s how our business lives remain what we do to live and not who we are.  You with me?

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  1. joanne

    Totally with you on this. Thanks.

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