Food Pairing And New Thinking

If I say “peanut butter,” you’ll probably respond “jelly.”  It’s one of those tried and true flavor combinations that one can’t go too far wrong in serving, even if you might be criticized for being a cheap skate (unless you’re serving 6 year olds – they love that!)  I found something that deals with that notion – flavor combinations – and it’s our Food Friday Fun topic this week.  Of course, it also provides a bit of a business lesson as well.

Peanut butter is a semi-solid and can therefor...

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The thing I found is a web site called

Foodpairing is a source of inspiration that allows chefs, bartenders, and others in the food industry to create new combinations of ingredients for dishes or drinks. Foodpairing is not based on intuition or existing recipes, but on science, providing an objective overview of possible pairings. It is based on the principle that foods can be combined when they share major flavor components.

In other words, this is a tool, based on fact, that helps creativity in the food business.  It gets us beyond our own thoughts (and prejudices) about tastes in ways that we wouldn’t necessarily think of.  As they put it, “When you are creating a new menu and you know that something is missing, but you don’t know what, Foodpairing will inspire you.”  I signed up and it’s interesting how it helps with your thinking.  Which is, of course, the business point.

You’ve probably come across people – managers, executives, even peers – who are really set in their ways and can’t break through the thinking that keeps them anchored to what may be sub-optimal places.  They can’t see new methods or new business possibilities, maybe because they’ve had bad experiences in the past when they’ve tried to break through.  The difference is that the food tool is based on scientific research – on facts.  A lot of us get good, creative , new business thoughts but base our thinking on hope, on a narrow perspective, or on other factors that can’t be the basis for moving forward.  Inspiration is one thing but it needs to be vetted (perspiration!) to turn into gold.

What gets your creative juices going?

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  1. Last year I was in the middle of the French countryside and happened upon a most bizarre restaurant. Only skimming the menu (en francais), I didn’t realise what I’d ordered until it was in front of me: a burger filled with avacado, king prawns, orange slices and goat’s cheese. The strangest combination I’ve ever had but absolutely delicious 🙂

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