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A study came out a couple of weeks ago and I made note of it to share with you all.  Entitled “Smart Devices: Evolution and Convergence,” it comes to us from the folks eMarketer (given yesterday’s post I guess I’m on a research roll this week…).  The findings aren’t particularly surprising but they do point to something that gets overlooked.

All of the fantastic technologies that have evolved over the last two decades are empty vessels for the most part.  Obviously most require software of some sort to operate.  In many cases, they require something else, as the study’s findings show:

Ereaders, connected game consoles, internet-enabled TVs and other connected gadgets have also become essential to a society that demands instant and constant access to digital media. And that digital media is the technologies’ raison d’être.

“Without movies, TV shows, games, photos, books, magazines, newspapers, video clips and music, few would care to own a tablet, a touchscreen smartphone, a connected console or an internet-enabled TV,” said Verna. “As consumers continue to gravitate toward digital media consumption, and as content owners and device manufacturers continue to find ways to meet the demand for it, more content will become available in the digital domain.”

In other words, make great content and they will come.  Given the changes in how search algorithms work, great content starts a virtuous circle of discovery, consumption, sharing, and further discovery.  “The platform” has become less of an issue although smart companies are tweaking their content to be platform appropriate.  If you’ve ever been on a mobile device and hit a site that’s not optimized for mobile, you know how the platform can actually get in the way.  Same issue if you’re only using Flash for video – kiss many audiences on tablets goodbye.

What you want, when you want it, and how you want it is the mantra.  Learn it today so you’ll be in business tomorrow.


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