More Access, Less Time

I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep up with all of the great content that’s out there.  I was reminded of that this morning as yet another podcast installed itself along side the other 15 hours of stuff I haven’t listened to yet.  Those go along with the backlog of magazines I love but haven’t read (oh look, the summer grilling issue is out!), the TV shows lingering on my DVR (don’t tell me if Nucky is in jail yet), and the books stacked up like planes over LaGuardia.  Which is why I find the data from eMarketer on tablets and smartphones disturbing.

I read this:

Surges in tablet, smartphone and ereader adoption have stoked demand for content consumed on these devices, including video, audio, social media, games, news, books and periodicals.  eMarketer estimates that the number of US tablet users will reach 89.5 million in 2014, up from 33.7 million in 2011. Tablet users will make up 35.6% of internet users in 2014, up from 14.5% this year.

and just laughed.  Content consumed on those devices?  I can’t consume what I have on my existing devices!  Then again, read this and let’s notice something:

eMarketer also expects robust growth in smartphone users, even though that product category is more mature than tablets and ereaders. By 2015, there will be 148.6 million smartphone users in the US, up from 90.1 million in 2011. These users will represent 58% of mobile phone users in 2015, up from 38% this year.

That means that 42% of mobile users will still be on a feature phone, so despite all the hype about the ubiquity of smart devices, there will be a huge market with needs that some smart company will serve.

I get that having access to the content I love via new devices can help me consume more efficiently.  The reality is that these new platforms are creating new content in addition to presenting the old.  Maybe that’s due to the old guys not wanting to let their content stretch into new delivery systems; maybe it’s just the inability to work out acceptable business terms to do so.  But the report concluded with something with which it’s hard to disagree:

The more consumers adopt new technologies, the more comfortable they become with accessing content on every available screen and expecting the experience to be seamless across devices and platforms. The companies that are best suited to meet these formidable consumer expectations are those that can deliver hardware, software, content and social integration. And the marketers that will get the most out of this new content ecosystem are those that understand how to deliver the best possible experience for each platform.

Now if only they could deliver a 36 hour day….

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