From the title, you might think I’ve published next week’s food post too early.  Let me explain.  I was supposed to hit the market the other day to buy myself something for dinner (the Mrs. was at the theater so I was just cooking for myself) but got caught up in work and had no time to go before my evening appointment.  I rummaged around the refrigerator and assorted cabinets and found a bit of bacon, some raw, frozen shrimp, various veggies, and some white wine.  Sounded like a pasta sauce to me, which it was about 20 minutes later.  But it was also a business reminder.

There is a tendency to get focused on creating the next new big thing while ignoring the things we have lying around.  As I found, there is often the makings of something great in the odd bits of things you haven’t fully used.  That tendency is particularly great in the tech world, where the lifespan of “current” is measured in weeks, not months.  It seems as if we jump on and off of trends as quickly as we can write about them.  Personalization, gameification, 3D TV, Google+ – they’re all still with us but it seems as if they’re passe – we’re on to the new.  What a shame.

My dinner the other night cost me nothing out-of-pocket – I’d already bought the things I used.  There are probably cast off projects in which time, energy, and capital have been invested that can be revived, improved, and implemented lying in your business’cupboards.  While I’m not a fan of throwing good money after bad, often the pace of business causes us to write things off if they don’t deliver immediate returns.

A week from now we’ll all be inundated with leftovers.  I’m sure a number of you will use them to create new dishes.  After you’ve eaten, look around the office or your old business plans – maybe you’ll find something for dessert.

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