What If You Can’t Sauté?

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The end of another week and I’m pleased to return us this Friday to our food theme.  Before I do, yesterday’s post was number 800, according to WordPress.  Thanks, as always, to you guys for encouraging me to keep writing!

Most of us have heard the term sauté.  It  comes from the French for “to jump,” which is what the things in a pan are to do when one is using this technique.  You’ve probably seen it a million times on any cooking show – the cook is standing there, flicking his or her wrist and a pile of stuff jumps up out of and back down into the pan.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to sauté with that technique but it’s a great way to get your kitchen floor washed because the odds are you’re going to put a bunch of food on the floor.  Which of course raises a business point.

What if you can’t sauté?  Or rather, if you lack the skill (or practice) to toss the food properly, how do you cook any recipe that calls for you to sauté?  You adjust – you pick up a spoon and you stir.  Instead of a sauté pan, maybe you try a wok, which is deeper and easier for stir-frying (which is sort of what sautéing is).   You recognize that there are other ways to get to the desired end result and find one that works for you.

That’s the business point too.  Not every organization is able to perform exactly as might be called for in the business recipe book.  The strength of your organization isn’t found in what you can do sometimes; I think it’s how you figure out what you can’t do and how you adjust.  This means having a good understanding of where you’re trying to go, the vision to seek out alternate routes, and the confidence to execute.


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