A Brief Plea To The One On The Phone

Phone Man

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Maybe it’s a lack of respect. Maybe it’s just that too many of us were raised believing that we were the center of the universe and could do no wrong. Or maybe it’s just that I’m too damn old and I don’t get it. But someone, as Ricky used to say, has some ‘splainin’ to do.
Been on a train lately? Or how about in a checkout line? Waiting for movie tickets? Then you’ve probably seen – or heard – it too. Let’s discuss.

I’m talking about talking.  You know what I mean – the conversations people have regardless of who can overhear.  In a strange way, it’s almost like the folks who can’t scratch an itch without tweeting it to the world except that Twitter is intentional and mostly to a selected audience while running your mouth loudly whilst on the phone is just rude and selfish.

Maybe that’s what’s irking me.  The folks who bring their Blackberries into meetings and check them every 10 seconds instead of focusing on the task at hand.  There was a great piece on this a couple of weeks ago in The Times – how we are trying to do so much via multitasking that we’re actually making ourselves dumber and, therefore, doing less.  I think part of that syndrome is that we spend way too much time interacting with machines – digital devices – and not other humans.

However, today’s rant is about those folks who DO interact – loudly – with someone else with a total disregard for those around them.  Maybe the fact that machines don’t acknowledge that you’re speaking too loudly or that you are focused on other stuff while you’re interacting with them has desensitized you.  Maybe you’re partially deaf.  Maybe the fact that lots of other entities seem to invade your privacy is making you feel as if no one has any in any event so why care.  Well, some of us do, my friend.

So today is a plea not to be that guy – the one on the train whose love life/problems with their kid/latest business conquest is now public knowledge.  You with me?

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2 responses to “A Brief Plea To The One On The Phone

  1. DOS

    Lucky me, I rarely ride the trains but… I do use public rest rooms. If you really want to hear the ultimate in self indulgent poor taste any mens room in any airport is the place to be!

  2. Radar

    I keep asking for quiet cars on the LIRR because I can’t take it anymore!!

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