Cooks Vs. Bakers

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Maybe this is an idea for yet another reality show, but it’s a thought I have to end the week on a foodie theme.  I know – we need more competitive cooking shows about as much as we need more political ads on TV but I had this thought which of course also relates to business.

Cooks vs. Bakers.  That’s the thought.  I think you’re really one or the other and that’s both inside and outside of the kitchen.  Here’s why it might be an interesting competition and what it has to do with your office life.

Cooking is jazz, baking is Baroque music.  Cooking is abstract art, baking is paint by numbers.  Cooking is literature, baking is a science experiment.  You get my drift?  One is very left brain, the other is very right brain.  Don’t misunderstand – I have great respect for folks who do either well, and baking can require just as much artistry and inspiration as does cooking.  But how those ends get achieved are very different in nature.  You see it in the two Top Chef series.  Honestly, I don’t watch the “Just Desserts” one because I, as you can guess, am not a baker, but when I have checked it out it was way too precise for my distracted brain.

Business folks are the same.  I’ve always wanted to work with a few bakers because they keep me grounded and on track.  In turn, I think I help inspire them and while there isn’t much I can do to get them to change their recipes (they probably won’t work), I can help them with flavoring (think accountants here!).  You ought to think about if you’re a cook or a baker.  Of course you want to be able to do either but you probably prefer one or the other and your team, just like a good kitchen, needs both.

So I think the TV show would be cool – get folks out of their comfort zones, just as we need to do ourselves.  We cooks can always use a bit more discipline; you bakers need to learn to think outside the box.  Dishes that involve both – anything en croute, for example – might be fun tests to check out the different approaches.


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  1. Thanks! I am a Baker, by name, so the title got me! love it..I’d rather cook…great post!

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