Going Rogue

Title card for 24 (TV series)

I’m a big fan of “24” and I”m kind of sad it’s going off the air after Jack is done wiping out the latest threat.  It’s interesting to me how over the years both the left and the right have seen Jack as a personification for the other side when in reality he’s kind of right down the middle – a guy who is trying to do what he believes is important to get a job done.  The ends justify the means in his mind, even if those means involve torture, violating constitutional rights, etc.

But we’re not here to have a political discussion of 24 although it will be a great college course some day.  Instead, I want to talk about what’s happening to Jack now – he’s lost his compass in my mind – as he kidnaps presidents and goes off the national security reservation in the interest of THE TRUTH coming out.

The death of yet another love interest (he’s lost a bunch over the years), another betrayal of the very president he’s serving, CTU falling into political chaos (not the first time) have all contributed to Jack losing it.  In his mind, however, he’s using his training and skills as he always has – the ends justify the means – to correct something horribly wrong and to which no one else will pay attention.

Let’s change venues to your business, not Jack’s.  Anyone gone rogue there?  Have you or anyone in your organization had what they think is an epiphany into the mission and realized something was wrong?  When they speak up, what happens?  In Jack’s case, he was arrested (big mistake) and confined.  Do you practice similar isolationist tactics or do you just try to have the threat eliminated?

As managers, we need to listen, first and foremost, and not just to customers.  When we can’t get on the same page with an employee, it’s important to let them know why and spend a few extra minutes helping them to understand your point of view.  In Jack’s case, he knows why the president is doing what she is but doesn’t understand it, which is a level beyond just grasping the facts.  That’s the trigger to going rogue.

Any 24 fans out there want to comment?  How about the rest of you?

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