Playing With Fire

Open fire on the barbecue grill

A few of us were talking at dinner last night about random ways to set yourself on fire. Having not had any personal experience in this area other than the occasional spatter burn from a too hot stove, I was intrigued. And you know it made me think of a business lessons as well.

In the first instance, someone was sent to turn on a gas grill. Aside from my disdain for the use of gas when grilling outdoors (I’m a true log-burner), the story was pretty funny.  She didn’t realize the gas wasn’t on and hit the igniter repeatedly.  Apparently, this primes the gas line and when she actually DID turn on the gas, she managed to singe off her eyebrows, the peach fuzz on her face, a good section of her eyelashes, and her hair required reshaping into bangs.  As she succinctly put it, “boom – no hair.”

The second instance involved a guy at a farewell party. He was paying the tab at a bar when his coat sleeve managed to find its way into a candle on the bar. By the time he noticed, a good portion of his sleeve was gone.  Fortunately, no one decided to help him put it out by tossing their drink on it, but he spent the rest of the evening (and I imagine a good portion of the time thereafter at home) explaining his newly air conditioned attire.

Our final instance involves a wedding which was, by all accounts, quite lovely. Oh yeah – except for the young lady who felt a mixture of excitement and worry as numerous people began patting her butt.  Apparently, she had a close encounter with a tiki torch and was unaware that the back of her dress was ablaze.  Fortunately, they were at her mom’s house and Mom was able to repair the dress to continue the festivity.

The business lesson? Fire is one of man’s oldest technologies.   Heck, we’ve been using it for eons. But like any other technology, if we’re careless, it can do way more damage than good. Imagine, if we can screw up something we’ve been using this long the kind of damage we can do with the newer stuff!

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