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While there is a lot going on out there, none of it seems to have triggered enough substance for a full post this morning. However, why let a lack of substance restrict my writing, right? Here, therefore, in no particular order are two things on my mind.I’m not sure if you’ve been following what’s been going on with Twitter and the Iranian situation.  Due to SMS and access to a number of social websites such as Facebook having been cut off, Twitter has become the preferred method of communication for dissidents in, out, and across Iran.  One thought that strikes me is that Twitter is proving itself as a platform since it’s remaining useful to these folks even though access to the main website is denied.   But that’s not why I’m writing about it this morning.

Twitter had scheduled some maintenance last night.  Due to the overwhelming number of requests to delay the maintenance so as not to cut off the last remaining communication tool the Iranians have, even for a couple of hours, Twitter agreed to delay it.  This is one of the major points we’ve discussed here over the last year.  Ultimately, we’re in business for our customers and clients.  Subordinating their wishes to yours for a short-term gain means long-term disaster.  In this case, the maintenance can be delayed; the crisis can’t.  Smart move!

Another thing on my mind this morning struck me as I read this blog on the death of widgets.  The author’s point is that widgets have become passe (“the wrong side of the hype cycle“)  while apps (think iPhones) are in vogue.  His final statement that “delivering the right content in the right way (with a bonus for interactivity) is the only thing that really matters” is another point we’ve been discussing here as well.  Nice work, Dave Rosenberg! I might take it one step further and say it’s not just the content but the conversation itself that makes all the difference and we all need to engage in whatever ways work.

What’s on your mind this morning?

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