Whole Hog

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Today marks one year to the day since we started down this blogging road together.  This is post number 233, and at about 325 or so words per post, you guys have been generous enough to put up with 75,000 words.  Hopefully one or two of them have amused you and a couple of others have made you go “ah HA!”  Thank you for your attention, your comments, and your patience.But since it’s Friday, and the Friday that starts the Memorial Day weekend at that, let’s talk about food.  For me, now is when I can break out the serious summer cookery.  I have two different grills (charcoal only here, thank you), one which is good for indirect cooking and one which I use for direct grilling.  I have an offset smoker which is used for the low and slow stuff like ribs and brisket.  The newest addition is a Caja China, which is going to get used this weekend to go whole hog – yes, we’re cooking an entire pig.

The Caja China is one of those ingenious inventions, technology if you will,  that really does make life easier if one’s life is about feeding large quantities of people who seem to have endless appetites.  It’s pretty much just an aluminum box wrapped in wood onto which one places huge amounts of charcoal over time.  It cooks a pig in 4 hours.  The folks at Memphis in May last week spent 20 or so hours cooking theirs.  Different type of barbecue, but every bit as good.  More of a mambo beat (since it’s Cuban) than a country twang.  I call it the BBQ microwave.

Before helping the Director of Foreign Affairs with the pig on Saturday, I’m assisting the Director Of Entertainment to cook for our troops today to say thanks for their service.  It’s Fleet Week here in NY and I’m told we’re cooking on a Navy destroyer although there is a reasonable chance the only thing destroyed will be their stomachs.  Hopefully they appreciate the gesture – we sure appreciate them.

There aren’t any business lessons today – you’ve had quite a few over the last year and no, there won’t be a quiz.  That’s what I’ll be up to along with golf and more cooking and seeing the  daughters perform once more in a show.  This is a whole hog weekend – we’re cramming in a lot with the entire family to say “HI!” to the warm weather.

What will you be doing?  Whatever it is, enjoy!

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4 responses to “Whole Hog

  1. Just FYI…La Caja China just released a cookbook, “La Caja China Cooking”

  2. Eliseo Rivers

    I stumbled upon your blog thru google. I really like the contents which are well written and informative. I have bookmarked your site and will certainly visit again. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Grant Nodine

    Keith, that Caja China thing looks like a great time. Which offset smoker are you using? I have a Weber water smoker which produces really good results, but obviously can not be used to cook for many people. Curious to hear how the Fleet Week – Feed the Troops thing went – great thing to do. My yearly cook for the hordes moment was a couple weeks ago – 120 Lbs of Crawfish and many happy customers. Hope all is well.

  4. Tom Ortwein

    Many forget the significance of this holiday. Good on you for feeding the fleet.

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