What Are You Waiting For?

I’ve posted before about how tough times such as these provide terrific opportunity for those companies that have been managed well. Here is a good example:

Echoing comments by Procter & Gamble‘s top executive, the CEO of chocolate maker Hershey Co. said lower ad pricing offers an opportunity to get more for less–and his company intends to take advantage of it. The company also plans to boost spending by as much as 25% to further capitalize.

Online and other CPM‘s are down.  Why is an entirely different discussion, which I think my friend Ari handled well but the fact is that one can now get more media value for the same dollars.  Frankly, I’m thinking attention levels to any commercial that doesn’t feature the Sham-Wow or Snuggie or Billy Mays are way up too, providing an added benefit to spending now.  If your competition is sitting on the sidelines, your share of voice goes up as well.
Hunkering down to weather the economic storm is one thing – hiding in a bunker and becoming invisible is another.  People are still working and spending money and even getting new jobs.

Advertising now can be like getting on the freeway at 6AM. It’s not as crowded and you’re able to get where you want to go much more rapidly. Just be careful and make sure you don’t take any wrong turns.

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  1. i’m torn between the Snuggie and the Shamwow

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