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Another tidbit from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.  It’s not really that surprising but the biggest increase in internet use since 2005 is the 70-75 year-old age group.   I love growth statistics.  Start with a smallish base, increase the tiny base a small amount – voila!  Big growth rate (growing something by half is way easier when it’s small than when it’s big, unless we’re talking about my waistline). 

In this case, it actually is pretty nice growth.

While just over one-fourth (26%) of 70-75 year olds were online in 2005, 45% of that age group is currently online, and doing more activities online…74% of internet users age 64 and older send and receive email, making email the most popular online activity for this age group. 89% of teens claimed to use email in 2004. Now, just 73% currently say they use email.

Well yeah.  Teens have moved on to Twitter, Facebook, and texting.  Granny is just getting an email address.  My folks (I’m old so you KNOW they are) use email but do so through WebTV (remember that?), not the most dynamic mail client.  I’m also pretty sure they and their peers are neither using addins to Thunderbird or Gmail nor configuring POP access through their phones although who knows.

Anything that provides contact with the grand-kids is going to get high adoption rates among the elderly.  Skype, anyone?  What smart digital company is reaching out to senior centers and events targeting older audiences?  More importantly, who is teaching grandma about phishing?  Have they taken this test (and have you??).

Research of any sort is great but it’s only USEFUL it we make it so!

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