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I know I don’t usually post on the weekend but a thought just hit me and it will be less relevant on Monday.  Well, not less relevant but less timely!

The NFL Conference Championship games this weekend are interesting from a business perspective, at least to me.  The two conferences set up a Super Bowl that will feature a young QB from the AFC vs. an older one from the NFL.  The Championship games remove that element (OK, less so in the AFC – Ben has a bit more experience) from the mix.  I’ve always felt that the advantage the older QB’s have in experience – reading coverages, adjusting on the field – outweighs the physical advantages the younger guys have – beating you with arm strength and speed.

What do you think?  AFC or NFC?  Experience vs.  strength?  Natch, this old guy thinks experience wins most of the time!  I make the same choice in business – give me experience and smarts.  Enjoy the games!

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