Careful What You Wish For

I’m one of those people who is on the “we have to bail out the auto guys – they’ve screwed the pooch badly but are too big to fail” bandwagon.  I’ll save the histrionics about the hundreds of times over the last 30 years, when last you and I bailed out one of the Big 3, these guys made bad decisions for another post.  For now I want to focus on a plan these guys have to use the web and social media to plead their case.According to the Wall Street Journal:

Ford Motor, General Motors and Chrysler have launched campaigns on several Web sites, including Google and its YouTube video site, various blogs, Facebook and the social-messaging site Twitter, trying to make their case for a bailout as quickly and widely as possible — on the cheap.

I particularly love the lengthy mea culpa they’ve posted which really says nothing new.  This is great Web 1.0 thinking.  They are using tools that encourage an ongoing conversation, not just a monologue of their point of view.  I’m pretty sure they not prepared for the reaction from the comment sections – I guess we’ll see.  It will be even more interesting to see if they engage in the dialog and not just run for cover (nice prejudgment on my part as to the nature of the comments, I know).

If you’ve ever used a shoe to drive a nail into a wall you’ve probably figured out that using the wrong tool for the job can be ineffective, painful, or both.   Part of what I do is hand my clients the right tools for the job.  Hopefully someone is doing the same for the Big 3 before they hurt themselves again.

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One response to “Careful What You Wish For

  1. It’s funny how these companies actively try to present “innovation” in their product – but recent events demonstrate that it is not a core belief or practice… A friend of mine is very close to buying a new car – and is also very hesitant, needless to say, it’s a Toyota Rav 4…

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