Be Nice

Interesting pickup today by the folks at Lost Remote about an ad campaign run by The Austin Statesman.  They’re using TV commercials to rip TV news as you can see from this video

I’ve got a number of issues with this. First, I’ve never found it to be a particularity effective selling technique to rip your competition in a blatant way.  Discuss your great, unique qualities.  If they’re really good, consumers will recognize that right away.  If the best you can do is trash talk, you’re probably not that great.

Second, TV can be way more timely than can the newspaper.  I understand this ad is about the newspaper’s web site but I’m sure the local TV stations have them as well.  No real advantage here in an apples and oranges comparison.  Anyone want to compare the timeliness of TV and newspapers?

Third, having worked in TV I can tell you that the local reporters there work just as hard as print folks do and they have to worry about makeup to boot (kidding).  Why demean someone both personally and professionally as does this ad to make yourself look good?

Here is how the Statesman can look like a better option – BE BETTER!  Provide value. Start and continue the conversation.  Don’t run dumb ads!

What do you all think of this?

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