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What’s the plural of doofus?

People who know me know that I’m not in love with accounting.  I understand it, I have a brother who is a CPA, I’ve been lucky to work with some fine accountants over the years.  That said, just as reading a cookbook doesn’t make one a chef, so too does buying an accounting program not make me a bookkeeper.

I’ve railed in this space before about Peachtree Accounting.  I also realize that 90%+ of problems are user error, not software design or code BTW.

So here’s one that isn’t.  I received an email this morning with an offer of “free shipping” on an upgrade of my accounting software package that is good for 2 days only.  Having realized that there are some nice features in the next level package, I decided to investigate by clicking through the link.  Maybe, if it’s not too expensive, I’d even buy it.

And that’s when the fun stopped dead.  Ignoring the fact that an offer of free shipping on a product that is to be downloaded is kind of bogus to begin with, the link I clicked through gave me this on the Peachtree web site:

We cannot determine the product you want to review. Please use your browser’s Back button, select another product and try again.

WHAT?  A potential customer just tried to order something (the link says “upgrade now”) and you blew them up?  What doofus coded this email?  What other doofus proofed it?  Yes, I tried in IE as well as Firefox and no joy.  Even the error message is screwed up – I didn’t get to that page via my browser per se – I clicked through an email and going backwards isn’t an option – the mail opened up a new tab and this error page is the only thing in it – one can’t go “back.”

This is, to me, as bad an error as a business can make:  literally to cut off a customer as they’re trying to hand you money.  If I’m running Sage Software, Peachtree’s parent, I’m finding a new person in charge of this.

So sorry, Peachtree.  I tried to upgrade, honest.  And hopefully I’ll be more careful entering data into your software than you seem to be with the emails that promote it.

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Part of setting up a consulting practice, or any other business I suppose, is implementing a system of financial controls. My brother, the CPA, recommended I use Peachtree Software as my accounting system. Who am I to quibble with the CPA?!?!

I will quibble, however, with the CPA’s company of choice. I buy Peachtree, I install Peachtree, I begin to use Peachtree. This morning, however, I get a mesage from the software saying I needed to register the software. Now, I had already had to input a security key upon installation so I had figured it was already good to go. Nope. But what the heck: registration is generally a quick web form away.

Nope. Welcome to 1993. You have to call Peachtree to register. As in telephone. As in 10 minutes on hold, after which you get “Hi, this is Elizabeth, can I putyouonholdforasecond<click>” and 5 more minutes of silence. When asked why Peachtree was the only company left in the software business that required phone registration, Elizabeth answered, “oh, you can register online outside of business hours when we’re not here.” Guess I need to work at odder hours so I can be more efficient and register in 3 minutes instead of 23.

Today’s example of whatareyathinkin’…

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