Stop Wasting Their Time

Some interesting data from the Gigya folks via Marketing Charts and it reminded me of something.  First the results and then the thought:

Two-thirds of survey respondents (aged 18-55) said they have at some point unsubscribed from a company’s email list after it sent them irrelevant information or products, the leading response among those identified. A significant proportion of consumers also claim to have ignored future communications from a company (43%) or stopped visiting a company’s website or mobile app (32%) on the basis of having received irrelevant communication.

Way back when, consumers just ignored brand messages when those messages were off base.  Maybe they turned the channel or the page; maybe they just sighed and waited for the program to resume.  That’s obviously not the case in an age when communication is more personal and the recipients of that messaging can be proactive about how they receive it.  They’re actually punishing marketers who aren’t honing their messages.

This is yet another reminder that the consumer is in control of your marketing to a large extent.  It needs to be about them and not necessarily about the brand’s message du jour. Talking at them doesn’t work.  Talking with them might.  Listening to them and engaging them in meaningful, helpful dialogue does.  No matter what, we need to stop wasting their time or we’ll suffer the consequences.

Your choice!

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