I’m Back

Did you miss me?  I was away and didn’t post for a couple of days – I thought the break might do us good (it’s me, not you…).


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I’ve written before about the golf trip I take with a group of guys each year – this was the 20th anniversary.  I drive with one of the guys down to Myrtle Beach with a stop overnight on the way.  In addition to saving much of the group baggage fees and the fear of lost golf clubs, the drive is a great opportunity to sit and reflect on things.  As we’re getting older the trip seems to have more meaningful conversations about life sprinkled in with the usual talk about golf and food.  There are business reasons why I bring this up.

While I had my computer with me as well as a smart phone, I made a conscious effort to disconnect.  I am of little value to my clients (or to my readers) when I’m tired and burned-out.  There is no “off” button any more and while it’s easy for me to suggest that you find one and use it, that’s just not going to happen.  So treat the time off as a business meeting. Just as you’d schedule an hour or two with a customer or partner, schedule time with your email or to returning calls.  Schedule the rest of your time as “busy” doing nothing work-related.

I’ll be the first to admit that it takes a few days to rewire your brain.  A 2006 CareerBuilder.com survey reported that 16% of workers feel guilty about missing work while on vacation, and 7% actually fear that time off could lead to unemployment.  To that 7% I say you need to find another job anyway and to the 16% I say that “work” won’t attend your funeral.  These last few days were a time to focus on “being” and not on “doing.”

I’m sorry if you missed me there for a couple of days.  Hopefully the time off did its job and I’m back better than ever.  I’m totally fine with you missing a few days as well since I’d love for you to have a clean mind and an open heart when you spend time with me here on the screed.

Make sense?

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2 responses to “I’m Back

  1. Tim Pernetti

    How was L=TB 20?

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