St. Patrick And Your Business

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! This is one of the two days of the year (the other being New Year’s Eve) I like to call “amateur night.” People who rarely drink to excess seem to do so and the streets and trains are filled with people who were over served. All this in honor of the patron saint of Ireland.   As you can see from the statue, nearly every representation of him makes reference to his banishing the snakes from a country where they apparently never lived.

Patrick had the right idea even if the facts are a bit murky and that’s our business point today.  While different religions view snakes in different ways, a snake does get the blame in the Old Testament for tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden, thereby earning a reputation as a symbol of evil and plotting.  We see those kind of snakes all the time in business.  You know the ones I mean.

They might be the kind who pat you on the back and smile while they’re looking for a soft spot into which they’ll stick the knife.  Maybe they’re the ones who spread fear, uncertainty and doubt to create non-existent problems while presenting themselves as the only ones who can solve those problems.  Or maybe they’re just the people who come to work each day and are incapable of making decisions while keeping their conscience fully turned on.  They’re snakes and they need to go!

There are also systematic snakes.  The gremlins that inhabit all machines so they fail at exactly the wrong time and for which we have no back-up plan.  The process that ties up way too many people to produce way too little return on that time investment.  You probably know of quite a few of these in your business.  Why not take up St. Pat’s staff and drive all the snakes away?  Today is as good a day as any, before you have a sip of the green beer, isn’t it?

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2 responses to “St. Patrick And Your Business

  1. Mike Coyne

    Well said, Keith! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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