Want To Sell? Stop Selling!

Suppose you want to grow your business through marketing.  Let me rephrase, to quote my lawyer friends.

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You MUST grow your business through marketing.  The question then becomes how can I increase sales given the fractionalized and changing nature of selling today.  I’ve watched some clients become increasingly desperate as they realize that all of the “old” tried and true methods don’t really work so well, and newer sales channels such as search and social are really confusing.  This leads to a mindset where every point of contact with a potential buyer seems as if it needs to be used to deliver a sales message.  In fact, the opposite is true.

Repeat after me:  I will provide value in every message I deliver.  That means for the recipient, by the way, not for you.  Marketing today is about building trust and relationship with consumers who in turn spread your word and buy your products.  The heavy lifting isn’t in buying media necessarily.  It might be in creating entertaining and informative content that will accomplish the aforementioned goal.  Your potential customers are thinking about interaction, not about listening to your sales pitch.  You wouldn’t try to sell something to your guests at a dinner party (well, maybe if it was  Tupperware party…) so don’t use other channels inappropriately either.  Use channels in the manner in which they were intended.  That means being social in social channels, being visual in visual channels (and not just by repurposing a TV ad on YouTube) and always providing value and quality.

Good salespeople know that “no” just means “not yet.”  They’re attuned to the cues that their target customer is giving them.  That’s dialog, not monologue.  You want to sell?  Stop selling and start conversing.  Start interacting.  Treat your customers as friends, not as wallets.  Engage them.  Entertain them. It might not feel as if you’re selling but you’re doing so in a manner that’s more up to date than just buying ads.  Happy hunting!


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