Supermarket Eyes

Foodie Friday (yay!) and I want to write about a topic inspired by my local supermarket.

The interior of a T & T store

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know what you’re thinking – awfully boring for the readers looking for a cooking tip or at least another place to complain about my recipes.  Stay with me – it’s kind of an interesting story that related to food and to business.

I’ve been going to that same supermarket for at least a decade.  I know the store like the back of my hand.  Or at least I did until a week or so ago.  They’re doing some sort of work and “improving” the store layout.   You can bet corporate management is at work here – I’m sure there are a bunch studies on shopper movement and purchasing that are in play. Most of the shoppers seem to use a hand-held scanner which traces their movements while shopping in addition to allowing a quick getaway once shopping is over via self checkout.  That data might have something to do with the changes as well.

Why I bring this up is that I noticed something while shopping in the “new”  store.  Since I no longer knew what was in each aisle or where the things I needed were, I paid a ton of attention to every shelf.  In fact, I discovered a couple of interesting food items that had probably been there for a long time.  I’d never had occasion to be or look where they were so I missed them.

That’s the business point too.  Most of us go about our days as if we’re in that very familiar store.  We know where the things are that get us through our days  but because of that we’re a bit oblivious to other things all around us that might be useful.  We need to make a mental change and approach our business lives as if we’re in that reconfigured store.  That small change in perspective can result in a big change in results.

Happy hunting!

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