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Happy New Year!  To start us off, I read two reports over the holidays that I found interesting and which set the themes that I think will dominate media over the next year.  Of course they are about media habits and how this convergence thing is becoming more of a reality to more people.  Obviously it’s been here for quite some time but it’s just now becoming mainstream enough of a technology that “civilians” (non-digital media experts) don’t look at you cross-eyed when you start to discuss it.

The first report is the newest edition of Deloitte’s “State of the Media Democracy” report.  This reveals Internet users are more in love with their televisions than ever—and ready for the coming convergence of TV and online.  Frankly, to me this is the continuation of the “what I want, where and when I want it” thing.

In 2009, 65% of Internet users wanted to connect their TV to the Internet, a 7-percentage-point increase over 2008. Web users across all generations increasingly wanted to watch online content, as well as content on their PC, on traditional television screens. Even among matures, nearly one-half were ready for Internet-enabled TV sets.

According to our second report, the Nielsen third quarter Three Screen Report,

DVR and online video continue to show considerable growth in time spent from the previous year 3rd quarter: up 21.1% and 34.9%, respectively. In the 3rd quarter, the average American watched 31 hours of TV per week, with 31 minutes spent in playback mode with their DVR. In addition, the average consumer spent 4 hours on the Internet and 22 minutes watching online video each week, and spent 3 minutes watching mobile video each week.

Of course, what’s buried in there is that watching “traditional TV” in the home actually declined 30 minutes year over year.  Many writers attribute a lot of the online and timeshifting watching to young people but their Internet usage is actually only one-fourth of adults’ Internet time and young adults (18-24) are the only demographic group that spends more time watching online video than timeshifted TV.

This is all more evolutionary than revolutionary but you should be asking yourself how does this affect my business – whether you’re a media company or a business that uses the media for marketing or outreach.  And of course, if you need some help answering those questions, folks like me are standing by to help!

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