Altered States

You ever get a chance to think?  I don’t mean those 2 minute mental checkouts we all have from time to time.  I mean THINK!  I didn’t used to very often but now I do and it’s pretty great.

As we get older and our lives become more full, many of us are hardly ever alone when you think about it (no pun intended).  At home, our family is usually around.  Maybe a pet or two. Generally there’s a distraction available and often intruding.  In the office, there are too many people and phones and emails.  Even with the door to your office closed (hey remember doors?  Or offices!?), you’re not alone and it’s rarely quiet.  Commuting?  Even plugged in to your headphones there’s a lot of stuff going on around you.  Nope.  Hard to think.

There are a number of things I don’t like about working outside of the traditional office environment but one which I don’t mind is that I do have really quiet time.  The sounds I hear a lot are only occasional traffic and the wind.

The kind of thinking I’m envisioning is something like William Hurt in “Altered States” without the deevolution part.  A place opened here in town which has those tanks and for folks who don’t get the chance to tune everything out it could be a great place to check out.  It’s almost that little bit of time while you’re lying in bed with the lights out and before you fall asleep.  Your mind wanders from thought to thought – ideas pop in and out.  It’s far less structured than what we all do much of the day and yet it may be from where a number of the best ideas come.

Can you find the time to think?

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