It’s Different

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the NY Video 2.0 Meetup.  We (myself and 449 of my BFF) heard presentations from Boxee, Hulu, Move Networks, MediaMerx and Visible Measures, all of which were interesting and pointed to the continued migration of media onto well-integrated (across devices and networks) digital platforms.  More on them in another post.

What was most interesting to me was the spirit of camaraderie that prevailed.  Most of the folks in the room were working for early- or mid-stage companies.  Most seemed no older than their mid-30’s (babies!).  All seemed enthusiastic about the business they were in and had a sense that they were helping to change the way the world consumes media.  There was, most of all, a sense of community.  People were encouraged to grab a mic and offer up positions they were trying to fill or consulting help they needed.  It was a feeling of openness and “we’re all in this together” even though you know many of these companies compete head to head and there will be both winners and losers.

Very refreshing and hopefully as a new generation of businesspeople bubble up, a spirit that will come along with them.  Way less cutthroat then the way I remember it being as I was making my bones.  Maybe a side effect of all the social networking is making people more…social!

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