In retrospect

I’m having lunch today with a few people I’ve known for a lot of years. All of us went to high school together, one of them was in my Hebrew school class, and one I met when I was 8 years old and went through 10 years of public school and 4 years of college with. Phew!

When we first meet people, whether personally or professionally, we don’t usually think about the fact that they might just be a part of your life many years down the road. That might be a good thing or a not so good thing depending on what you do with the relationship. Some turn out to be trusted partners; others turn out to be bad pennies you can’t make go away.

I’ve tried to explain to both my daughters that some of the kids in their lives now might hang around one way or another so they might examine their behaviors in that light (not that they’re the Mean Girls sorts).

And so should we all!

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