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Know The Fan

The folks at Sporting News Media released their annual survey into US sports media consumption, the US Know the Fan Report.  I’m embedding an infographic below with the results but a few points bear mentioning.

First, it’s now safe to assume that a viewer of sports on TV is using a second screen.  The study found that nearly half of sports fans claim to use an Internet connected device at the same time as watching . This use helps fans to catch up on what’s happening with other games being played via live text commentary and live scores, as well as to access non-sports related content, communicate with friends about the sports event on TV, watch clips and highlights of other games being played and post comments to social networking platforms about the game/event they’re watching.

I find it interesting that while 96% of fans report watching sports on TV, only a third self-identify as having paid for it.  In my mind, paying the $6+ a month for ESPN qualifies as paying.  3% use a pay-per-view service — down from 9% from 2012.  Facebook, YouTube and Twitter remain the most popular networks overall for fans to follow sports but fans are using them less as compared to last year to make use of newer social networking platforms such as Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine.

Live streaming remains the most popular content accessed (38%), followed by videos of game/event highlights (31%) and videos of sports news (27%). More than half of fans that watch videos of game/event highlights online (51%) and videos of player/manager/coach interviews (56%), do so via mobile device.

My takeaway is that this sort of disruption is occurring everywhere and sports viewing is an excellent lab in which to look forward since sports is an important part in nearly every consumer’s life.  How are you preparing for it to hit your business?

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