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What Boxing Tells Us About Broadband

Ricardo Dominguez (left) rallied late to win a...

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Growing up, I used to follow boxing.  It was pretty easy to be a fan – there weren’t a lot of weight classes, there was a single sanctioning body that mattered so there was only one champion in each weight class, and it was on free TV (although pay TV didn’t exist yet) every week. In short, it was simple and fan friendly.  A high-quality product was made available each week and promoters and TV networks did everything they could to get me to watch.

What does this have to do with the broadband (and wireless for that matter) business? Continue reading

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All You Can Eat

A Chinese buffet restaurant in the United Stat...

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For our Foodie Friday post I want to talk for a second about “all you can eat.”  I’m not going to spend any time on a debate about whether it’s a healthy approach or not although I think most of us can agree that there’s an obesity problem in the U.S.  Instead, I want to focus on the business approach to it and not just in the food industry.

You might say – oh, I don’t really do the “all you can eat” thing except you do.  Your internet access, for example.  But unlike unlimited “seconds” on the buffet line, AYCE (I got tired of typing the whole thing out) might not work in your business and, more importantly, can have exactly the opposite effect you intend. Continue reading

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The Reserve Tank

I’m writing this post from my back-up computer.  Actually, it’s the back-up to my back-up and I’ve fired it up because I’m using my real back-up to do my work since my main desktop died.  Turns out there are really excellent reasons to turn your computer off at night besides the environmental concerns and those reasons involve fried capacitors (mmm…fried!).  But that’s not our subject this morning nor is a rant about the evil machines that run our lives. Continue reading

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Apple’s Jericho Moment

Apple Inc.

Did you play with an iPad this weekend? I didn’t – too busy enjoying the sunshine and warm weather to go stand in line to get it and hunker down to test it. Maybe later. But apparently a lot of people did – several hundred thousand if one is to believe all the reports out there.  The reviews are mostly positive although there’s one aspect to the device that I find a huge negative and I’m comfortable asking you guys about it even if neither of us has handled the thing ourselves. Continue reading

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Bandwidth Caps

A DSL Modem
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I received a call the other day from AT&T.  They want me to drop my cable Internet service and switch to their DSL service.  “Twice the speed,” they say, “and bundled with your existing phone service it’s almost free.”  Naturally, I had a few questions, one of which was about bandwidth caps. Continue reading

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