An Underutilized Marketing Tool

It seems as if many of the conversations I have with clients about marketing revolve around how to reach consumers using social media. Inevitably, I’ll interrupt the discussion of each of the social channels with a question about email. How is their email program run?  Who administers the lists?  What reports are circulated and how are results measured?  Sometimes they give me a look like “why are you so 1999?”  Putting aside my general avoidance of the “next new shiny object,” I do have reasons for asking the question.

Email may be almost 20 years old but I think it’s still a critical part of the marketing mix. While there is no question that it’s possible for it to be completely ignored – or worse – relegated to the “spam” folder – email remains one of the most effective and efficient ways to reach your consumer base.

Research from the folks at shows that almost half of the Internet users in the United States spend an hour or more reading their email every day. You don’t think people are addicted? 2/3 of them get push notifications every time they get a new mail. 90% of people report using email for personal purposes, 58% for business. While Facebook may be somewhat ubiquitous, I’m not sure that 90% of consumers spend time on it every day.  More importantly, 50% of women report using email to get information about discounts and over 40% of men and women use it to get information about products in which they’re interested.

A great, informative, consumer-focused website is one thing.  The same thing delivered into a users hands via several platforms with no effort on the consumer’s part is quite another.  I call that a newsletter as well as efficient marketing.  What do you call it?

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